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Check out names of this week’s winners of InstaForex contests
« เมื่อ: พฤษภาคม 09, 2015, 03:35:19 AM »
Check out names of this week’s winners of InstaForex contests

The results of yet another InstaForex contest steps have been summed up and we’re ready to name the winners. Meet the victors of the following contests: InstaForex Sniper, FX-1 Rally, One Million Option, Lucky Trader, Real Scalping InstaForex, and Trade Wise, Win Device. InstaForex congratulates the winners, and wishes the rest competitors to find their names on the upcoming winners’ list.

InstaForex Sniper
To accurately hit the needed target is the key to success in the InstaForex Sniper contest. The open-to-everyone and perhaps the most popular competition in the line of InstaForex contests attracts more and more participants. This time Vitaly Obukhov managed to defeat others in tough jostling of snipers thanks to his accurate shots. Vitaly was the fastest and the sharpest shooter! Our congratulations to the winner and good luck to others! The next step of the contest will run from March 2, 2015 (GMT+2) to March 6, 2015 (GMT+2). Test your accuracy and strength right now!

FX-1 Rally
The top performer in the FX-1 Rally, the quickest InstaForex contest, has become Aleksandr Zakharov. He showed the greatest trading and rallying skills. We congratulate the winner on his perfect performance and wish him to confirm the reputation of the best one during the next stages of the FX-1 Rally contest. If you are a thrill-seeker and there’s no stopping you once you start competing, then welcome to the start line of the next step of FX-1 Rally! You can register for it and take part in the nearest contest that will kick off on February 27, 2015 at 00:00 (GMT+2) and end on February 27, 2015 at 23:59 (GMT+2).

One Million Option
One Million Option is a well-loved InstaForex contest. Every step gathers hundreds of partakers contending for the title of the best options trader. Yury Karablin showed the best result in the One Million Option contest. The next step of the competition will begin on March 2, 2015 (GMT+2) and finish on March 6, 2015 (GMT+2).

Lucky Trader
Two weeks of flawless trading will secure you a victory in the Lucky Trader contest.  Sergey Paramonov demonstrated excellent trading shape and gained the lead among several hundreds of contestants. Our sincerest congratulations on Sergey’s great result. Be the best trader at the next steps of Lucky Trader. We remind you that the next stage of the Lucky Trader contest will take place from March 9, 2015 (GMT+2) to March 20, 2015 (GMT+2).

Real Scalping InstaForex
Short-term trading is a rather difficult type of trading demanding all-out efforts and concentration. Not everyone is cool-headed and focused enough to make quick and weighted trading decisions needed to succeed in these trades. However, these particular qualities are required to achieve high results in scalping. This time Artyom Suslov showed all these personal features which enabled him to take the first place in the latest step of the Real Scalping contest. InstaForex congratulates the winner and invites everyone who failed to win to partake in the next step. All willing to test their strength in the competition are welcome to register for the next stage that will be held from March 2, 2015 (GMT+2) to March 27, 2015 (GMT+2). Registration is available on the contest page of InstaForex official website.

Trade Wise, Win Device
Norhayati Bt Bakar, the participant of the latest Trade Wise, Win Device campaign has become the happy winner of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The closest stage of Trade Wise, Win Device will show whether it is you to win a gadget from the world famous manufacturer. The next stage of the campaign will start on March 2, 2015 (GMT+2) and finish on March 13, 2015 (GMT+2). Registration is already in full swing on the campaign’s page.

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