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New winners of regular InstaForex contests defined
« เมื่อ: กรกฎาคม 03, 2015, 03:26:12 AM »
New winners of regular InstaForex contests defined

Another series of InstaForex contests have ended. Today, we are ready to announce the winners of six contests: One Million Option, InstaForex Sniper, FX-1 Rally, Real Scalping, InstaForex Great Race 2015, and Trade Wise, Win Device. Our company warmly congratulates the victors and wish other contestants luck. One day, you'll see your name on the winning list too!

One Million Option

Hundreds of contestants actively participate in one of the most popular InstaForex contests – One Million Option – to be named the best options trader. The results of the latest step of the One Million Option contest showed that Stanislav Berezin was the best. The next stage will start on June 22, 2015 (GMT +3) and end on June 26, 2015 (GMT +3).

InstaForex Sniper

The InstaForex Sniper contest tests skills of the most accurate and briskest traders. A lot of participants strove hard to take the main prize. Muhammad Akbar Khan turned out to be the winner of the recent step. The next stage of the InstaForex Sniper contest will be carried out from June 22, 2015 (GMT +3) to June 26, 2015 (GMT +3). Challenge your accuracy in InstaForex Sniper right now!

Trade Wise, Win Device

Yuriy Bessarab became the victor of the Trade Wise, Win Device campaign and the owner of new Galaxy Tab.

The coming step of the Trade Wise, Win Device campaign will show whether you are lucky enough to win a branded gadget too. The new stage will take place from June 22, 2015 (GMT +3) to July 3, 2015 (GMT +3). You can register for the campaign on its web page right now.

InstaForex Great Race 2015

The third stage of the new season of InstaForex Great Race was won by Mihaly Mosztok. We congratulate the winner and other traders who managed to take prize places. We wish other participants luck in the current and next steps of the contest. The fourth stage of the InstaForex Great Race 2015 contest will be held from August 24, 2015 to September 25, 2015.

FX-1 Rally

Andrey Pastukhov showed his best trading and racing skills, thus winning the yet another step of the FX-1 Rally contest. We congratulate the winner on the great victory and wish him to continue winning. If you want to feel breathtaking excitement, join the new step of the FX-1 Rally contest that will begin at 00:00 June 26, 2015 (GMT +3) and finish at 23:59 June 26, 2015 (GMT +3).

Real Scalping

Short-term trading is quite difficult type of trading requiring a lot of efforts and concentration. Not everyone is attentive and focused enough to make prompt and correct trading decisions to succeed in these trades. This time, Petro Kostenyuk showed all these skills and took the first place in the latest step of the Real Scalping contest. InstaForex congratulates the victor and invites everyone who failed to win to participate in the coming step. All willing to test their trading abilities are welcome to partake in the next stage that will kick off on July 6, 2015 (GMT+3) and end on July 31, 2015 (GMT+3). Registration is available on the contest's web page of the InstaForex official website.

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