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Top Student Sponsored by XM
« เมื่อ: พฤษภาคม 08, 2015, 03:22:42 AM »
Top Student Sponsored by XM

Hungarian hopeful László Reichenberger has earned the privilege of being sent on an all-expenses paid trip to London in order to take the prestigious CFTe 1 exam.

László has worked hard for this opportunity and is already worthy of congratulations. The journey began last year when we ran a special promotion for Hungarian clients between the 2nd of September and the 17th of October. A raffle singled out 20 lucky winners who got to take part in a free training course over a 6-week period. These 20 winners had the privilege of being schooled by our in-house experts Attila Szoboszlai and Zsolt Sándor, who are widely regarded as the best forex instructors in Hungary today.

Following the training course, the top 7 students were identified and then tested to establish who would be the one to go to London for the chance to take the CFTe 1 exam and become a Certified Financial Technician.

We hope you will join us in wishing László the best of luck in his upcoming examination.


February 13, 2015


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